Monday, July 24, 2006

Times gets another leak

The Home Office is increasingly looking like a sieve - showering leaks all over the place. The Times seems to be the best beneficiary so far. The most recent leak is featured in yesterday's Sunday Times.

The leaked report, a Market Soundings exercise that was undertaken to test the readiness of the potential suppliers to tender for ID cards, discloses several worrying facts. First and most worryingly, the Times reveals that "the security system protecting the card and the national database could be infiltrated by criminal gangs involved in identity theft", something that NO2ID has been warning about for a long time. The report quotes potential suppliers as estimating that current chips could be forged within 5 years. Suppliers consulted also raised concerns that being associated with the ID card scheme could be bad PR because of the public resistance to ID cards.

This report strongly suggests that the Government is once again cherry picking the information it chooses to place in the public domain - the case for ID cards has indeed been "sexed up". It also suggests that the groundswell of resistance, spearheaded by NO2ID, is at least giving the suppliers cause to stop and think.

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