Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Monthly Meeting

We were fortunate enough to have one of the members of the original Aberystwyth No2ID group come along last night. He filled us in on the successes of the original group (including getting Ceredigion Council to pass a motion against ID cards. We have plenty of ideas about taking the fight forwards. We expect to be visible in town, on campus and in the local media soon. And we need your help.

If you're concerned at the thought of your movements being tracked (and in the coming weeks this blog will give you plenty of reasons why you should be worried), about the waste of public funds, about the infringement of civil liberties, about the gift to any future government that chooses to use the cards as a repressive tool, then join us. We need:

People to hand out leaflets
People to design and print materials
People who can speak Welsh - we're short on bilinguals!
People with imaginative ideas about getting the message out there
People who are prepared to take part in debates and interviews
People who are prepared to scan the news
People prepared to write letters the HSotW (Home Secretary of the Week).
People who will write freedom of information requests
Everyone inspired, passionate or just plain pissed off enough to want to do something productive.

The next meeting is on the 1st August at 8pm in Fresh Ground - in the meantime you can email, or call 07092 880 562 and leave a message - we'll call you back.

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