Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Register "calls it"

Time of death, Wednesday 12th July 2006 10:20 GMT

Is this where complacency bites us firmly in the arse? Is this the bit where we dissipate, leaving the Act on the book for a later, more competent, more ruthlessly efficient government (exactly the kind of government that we don't want to have the powers vested in them by the ID Cards Act 2006)?

Hell no - we won't go. Right?

(Update - ZD net has a nice rundown of everything wrong with the management of the ID project qua project. If I were to write a synopsis of this blog's postings on project management I couldn't do better than that piece. Up till now the IT press has been slightly skeptical, but mainly pro the scheme - there was a lot of potential money in it after all. Now the battle about technical and managerial viability seems to be won you'll be seeing a lot more on the civil liberties/human rights angle in the coming weeks and months. The project may be on its knees but the Act hasn't gone away.

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