Thursday, July 27, 2006

Terror strategists "not interested" in ID card/register

The home office security document Countering International Terrorism: The United Kingdom's Strategy has been out a couple of weeks now and I've finally got round to reading it (well, it is hard to sleep on these hot nights...). Let's see what the report thinks about ID cards and the register:

Term [1]Occurrence
Disadvantage/inequality [2]8
Biometric [3]3
Identity Card(s)/ID Card(s)/Card(s)0
Identity register/register/database0

Pretty round and ready - but a good indication of how much importance the home office really places on ID cards as an anti terrorist measure. How much is that again... 0

[1] Includes variants - so the number of occurrences for the term disadvantage, for example would also include occurrences of the terms disadvantaged, disadvantages, disadvantaging...

[2] occurrences of "disadvantage" and related terms (n=3) always refer to social and economic disadvantage, which is why they have been grouped with inequality.

[3] "Biometric" refers to plans for biometric visas for non UK citizens. These biometrics would be used only to determine whether someone had the right to enter the UK and whether those that had entered on temporary visas had departed within the allotted time. They would not be used to trace movements within the UK, as far as this report is concerned, biometrics are for enhanced border control only. The rights and wrongs of this can be argued, but it certainly does not equate to an ID card, and falls far short of the plans for the ID register.

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