Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tech Press Roundup

In recent days we've had Blair responding to the petitioners against ID cards via email, and several press statements clarifying the purpose of the National Identity register. Rather than being reassuring, these have caused greater consternation. Rather than being open engagements with a concerned public, these have been excercises in misrepresentation and obfurscation. Rather than being pacified, we at No2ID are more outraged than ever at the erosion of all our civil liberties.

The Register debunks the lie that there are 900,000 unsolved crimes waiting to be solved by the NIR. Public Technology reports that the Lib Dem MP Nick Clegg has tackled the government on why, despite assurances, the police will be able to use the register to "able to go on arbitrary fishing expeditions". He is still waiting for an answer.

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