Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coalition of the willing

I though it was only the tin foil hat brigade that seriously believed that the NIR would be part of the architecture for a new world order. I was wrong.

A telling quote:

"'We would violate the privacy laws of individual countries if we shared data as we wanted to,' said Potter [Troy Potter, biometrics programme manager for the US Department of Homeland Security's biometric border control programme]."

We already know this - given the illegal requests for data about airline passengers that the US immigration service insist are necessary.

Porter went on to say: "The last thing we want is for someone who has changed their ways and then we keep harassing them." What - by illegally disenfranchising them?

Too folorn to take this story fully apart right now. I may return to it when the disbelief and dispondency clear up.

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