Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Information Comissioner's Comments -- June 2005

This is a little over a year old but very relevant and makes some of the case against ID cards cogently and compellingly. In a three page statement, the information comissioner sets out his concerns. The full PDF version concludes:

"The measures in the Bill go well beyond establishing a secure, reliable and trustworthy ID card. The measures in relation to the National Identity Register and data trail of identity checks on individuals risk an unnecessary and disproportionate intrusion into individuals’ privacy. They are not easily reconciled with fundamental data protection safeguards such as fair processing and deleting unnecessary personal information... The Commissioner hopes that during the passage of the Bill parliamentarians will not just focus on the desirability of ID cards but look into the acceptability of government recording so many unnecessary details of their own and their constituents’ lives. "

Sadly - too few of the parliamentarians did as the information comissioner hoped. It's up to us now to reopen this debate.

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